Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Letter to Parents

Greetings from Illinois.  We also have learning centers in Georgia and Florida.

So many tutoring centers promise to unlock your child's potential and give them the independent study skills to study courses by themselves.  We believe in your child's potential as we believe in any child's potential, but we can only speak about our own system for reaching the noble goals - love of learning and success in a four-year university.
While our learning center may be far away from you, the charm of online tutoring is that you can get something better than private tutoring.  What is better than my child working with a private tutor?  You may ask to hear more about our use of the Internet to help your kids learn how to succeed in modern education.

At Yes Class, we strive to help your K-12 child reach their biggest potential.
We are academic providers in business to serve you.  We invite you to call our 24/7 help and customer support line with questions and feedback. Contact us at (800) 733-2863 or for more detailed information.
Our Yes Class Blended Learning System fuses the benefits of a two-sided, online tutoring system with in-class worksheets.  Students take on English and Math in a fun and exciting way.  We help your kids learn the traditional Math and English as well as computer skills that are becoming more important in self-directed learning.  We are a learner-centered and results-oriented classroom that will have your child working on homework, on their own! We also specialize in classes for students who do not live near our class locations. Yes Class has a Blended Learning System, Home-Visit, Online Tutoring, and Correspondence Class.

Home-Visiting Tutoring is the more classic tutoring. The tutor comes to your house.  The student hands the homework to the tutor.  Then the student builds on his or her strengths and experience and learns new concepts with the tutor.  Our tutors talk to parents once a month in a private conference and try to be the kindest and wisest educators they can be.  The pros of hiring our home-visiting tutors is less hassles with tutors and that they get the material from us, so you can be sure of quality.

Technology accelerates learning.  Online learning can be more effective than traditional face-to-face learning, especially when the two teaching styles are combined.  Online class is effective.  Students meet with a tutor and get the perks of video and the virtual whiteboard.  Students interact with a microphone, tablet, and digital pen.  Online class is one of many educational options that is popular for ESL students in Korea.  

Our Correspondence Course enrolls for for a minimum of $58 a month, you can sign up to receive monthly workbook mailings, answer key, and online access.  Students have the most independence with this method. We want your kid to go to a great university after being tutored by us, but students need to be challenged to apply themselves.  This is a great source of those Math and English challenges.

To find a more meaningful program, we study the results of a free diagnostic test to help kids enter the lesson at their level.   Our conclusion is that we believe practice is the key.  Practice overtakes genius without practice: if your child has abilities, but never uses them, then how can your child develop those abilities?  
Consistency is key.  Students in our Math Class attempt 50 problems a day, 5 days a week, and multiplying by 52 weeks in a year, we have students solving over 12,500 problems a year!  We praise practice so your kids get the most from their lessons.

The Yes Class Learning Center has a method called the Blended Learning System.  The cornerstone method energizes students in envisioning the curriculum during class hours and at the times when the student’s mind is most active.  Critical thinking, participation, and constant improvement will be strengthened.  Students will be tutored for a half hour and work independently for an hour.  Our straightforward approach catches students at their best and encourages studying skills for success.  We have brought together the best ingredients and synthesized them into a whole that is social, manageable, and successful.

The secret to our success is your inspiration, your feedback, referrals from satisfied customers, and devoted teachers.

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